10 Things Men Look for in a Woman to Look for in a Man

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Love is a tricky game – how will you look for the right things that men look for in a woman to look for in a man? We asked ten eligible bachelors what they want women to look for in a man, and here are their top answers:


1. Good with Puns
The most common thing that men look for in a woman is her sense for his sense of humor. So, next time your crush is feeling punny, grab your side, snort your nose and let him know how much you want to funny bone. (“bone” is slang for fucking.)


2. Perfectly Pressed Pants
Guys love it when women get off on their smooth trousers. After putting in the effort to drop them off AND pick them up from the dry cleaner, nothing turns men on like a compliment from a pretty lady about the neatness and texture of his pants. He really went out of his way for you!


3. Multiple Magazine Subscriptions
In this digital world, there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who values his respect for the printed word. Josh, a marketing manager from Toronto, says, “Seeing my girlfriend collect my monthly Maxim, GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Wired and Men’s Health from the mailbox drives me absolutely crazy.” Let him know you dig that he digs his glossies and he’ll be turning your pages in no time.


4. Cool Socks
Wanna know the secret to getting guys to notice you? Notice them first. Their socks, that is! Men love a woman who takes time to inspect what they’ve done below the knee and above the ankle. Compliment him on his ribbing or pattern choice and you’ll be two feet closer to his tube sock.


5. Dream Memory
There’s nothing a guy loves more than a woman who appreciates his ability to recount his dreams in a hyper-detailed, play-by-play style. Encourage him to tell you what color shirt he was wearing when his boss lost the cat, or how many nickels were in the jar that rolled off the ferry. No absurd detail is too small when it comes to winning his heart.


6. 20 Decent Push -Ups
Every guy wants to be with a girl who is in awe of his moderate physical prowess. Especially how he can do twenty pretty good push-ups, without fully breaking a sweat. When asked what he loves most about his wife, Mike G. from Long Island replied, “She claps when I exercise.” Take that and run with it, girls.



7. Collection of Mint Condition Hockey Cards
Landing the man of your dreams might be as simple as asking him to read you the stats off his meticulously preserved NHL Upper Deck card collection. Knowing he finally found a woman who understands the value of limited edition sporting memorabilia is bound to get him harder than a glass-encased 1987 Patrick Roy rookie card.


8. His Signature Breakfast Dish
Men love watching skinny women eat, especially when you’re chowing down on the French toast recipe he learned to make in college and spent the last ten years perfecting. So, next time you wake up in his bed, ask him to whip you up the one thing he’s ever cooked. The shortest way to his heart might actually be through your stomach.


9. Variety of Deodorants
Men love women who smell great, but even more than that, they love women who love men’s commitment to smelling like cool stuff – which is why every guy longs to be with a girl who lauds his shelf of variously scented deodorants. “It’s nice to meet a girl who shares the mantra, ‘You can never have too much protection,’” says Billy D. from Portland. Here’s hoping he’s talking about more than just his armpits!


10. A Good Sense of Direction
When polled, nine out of ten single men said they are intensely attracted to women who believe men know where they’re going. Kevin P. of Los Angeles swears he fell in love with his fiancé when she finally let him take the wheel: “Something about her confidence in my confidence just blew me away.”


There you have it ladies: Follow his heart and you might just find your leading man.