Woman Scares Man Off By Leaving Flowers At His Grave

31-year-old Jenna Eckford lost her boyfriend last year, but that didn’t stop her from visiting his grave periodically after his death.


“It was a bit stalkerish,” said her dead boyfriend, Chris Freidberg, who had lived with Eckford for several years before his untimely death. Though it was meant to be a kind gesture and not worth reading into whatsoever, Freidberg’s ghost said his former girlfriend “came over totally unannounced to my grave to mourn, and honestly? It was a little intense.”


“I get it. We were together for a long time and now I’m dead and she’s sad,” dead Freidberg said, “but it’s like, desperate much? I’m gone. Get the hint.”


While he says Eckford was a good girlfriend while he was alive, she became a bit clingy after he kicked the bucket.


“Like, it’s super obvious I’ve moved on,” Freidberg says. “But she keeps coming to my grave and crying as if we still have something — and I haven’t reached out to her in months. Because I died.”


Freidberg the Ghost says he’d love his spirit to finally crossover so he didn’t have to run into her anymore, but he still has some unfinished business.



“Look, she’s acting super crazy, but to be honest, I feel bad I never actually told her how I feel when I was alive and then I just left her hanging after my untimely death,” Freidberg’s spirit said. “And I did tell her to visit me at my grave if I ever died, and that I never wanted to let her go even in death,” he added, “but the thing is, like, back off.”


When Eckford was asked about the visits, she said, “Why is he talking to you from beyond when he hasn’t given me any kind of message that he knows I’m there? This is just like him,” she said, then left a long letter at his grave that Ghost Freidberg says he plans on reading, but will never tell her he did.