Leaked Kimye Sex Tape Mistaken for New Music Video


Calling it an “ingenious artistic venture,” music critics were enormously impressed with what they interpreted to be a new music video from R&B star Kanye West and fiancé Kim Kardashian. The video features West Kardashian, completely naked, in the dark and appearing to have sex as Kanye raps unintelligibly over the entire track.

Critics were impressed with the video’s lyrics, which bounce between rough moaning and Kim and Kanye yelling their own names at each other. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the music video is actually a homemade sex tape filmed on the couple’s MacBook. “I thought the grainy throwback feel was a cool added effect,” said Pitchfork writer Jenn Pelly. “But now I realize that was just the computer camera.”
Neither West nor Kardashian could be reached for comment on the matter and are said to be busy “planning their dream wedding.”
The sex tape has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube, with many viewers still praising the “soothing vocals,” “enduring appeal,” and it’s “panicked tempo.”