5 Winter Date Spots You Can Also Just Park At and Hotbox Your Car

Winter gets a bad rap. Sure it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, cute dates with your significant other to spark up your relationship! Speaking of sparks, it’s pretty fucking cold out and you might actually just want to park outside and hotbox your car full of delicious marijuana smoke. Cozy! Here are some great date spots you’ll probably be too high to make it inside:


An Italian Restaurant

A hearty Italian meal paired with a bottle of wine is a nice way to warm up in the winter with the one you love. But another way to warm up is by never leaving your car, and just parking it outside the restaurant while you smoke joints with the windows closed until you can barely see each other. Mamma Mia, are you fucking high!


A Hockey Game

It’s so fun to cheer on your team together and get in on the action! But it’s also fun to stay in the parking lot changing the radio station sporadically and giggling about dumb shit you both did as kids. Really, why wait for someone to score a goal when you could score some weed. Weed is fun.


Go On a Hike

It might not seem like the ideal time for a nature walk, but if you’re properly bundled, wandering the woods can be really beautiful and romantic. And if you say, for example, decide to stay in your parked car in the parking lot of the nature preserve smoking a bowl together, you’ll enjoy the scenery just as much, ’cause you’ll be high and insulated from the chilly wind.



A Museum

Museums are a great way to get some steps in under any weather conditions, and to look at some cool shit in the process. But if you take a smoke break outside on your way in, get tired, and decide to just stay in the car, that’s cool too. There’ll be that one sculpture you can see outside that looks hella crazy when you’re high. Plus, if you stay in the car you can eat Cheetos without upsetting the security guards. Date opportunities are really endless if you think about it! Mmmm.


A Brewery

Wait why did you come here? Beer makes you hung over. Fuck it, you’re already high. This is the best.


It’s important to mix it up so things don’t get stale with the one you love. So find some new haunts to park your car, get stoned, and forget why you came here to begin with.