5 Cathedral Steps to Collapse On Dramatically When You Simply Can’t Go On

It can be hard to find the right dramatic flair to convey your intensely dramatic emotional state. You can’t just keep getting bangs! So when you really need everyone to know you simply cannot go on any longer, fling yourself onto the steps of any of these majestic cathedrals and show everyone you’re done – just… done.


Girona Cathedral, Catalonia, Spain

This cathedral is haunting enough to have been featured in a pivotal scene of Game of Thrones. And that makes it worth traveling to, just so you can collapse on the stairs, look up into the sky and say, “I can’t, David. I just can’t do it anymore.”


Noto Cathedral, Sicily

What better way to embrace melodrama than by going to the ancestral home of various mob families and laying down on the steps of an enormous cathedral, saying, “I’ve had enough. I may as well be dead already. Just leave me.” A large part of this cathedral once collapsed, something you can surely relate to!


Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

You might not think San Francisco is the place to stage a dramatic, cathedral-related breakdown, but what you don’t know is that the Grace Cathedral boasts an impressive number of steps on its exterior. So pick a foggy day to throw yourself onto these steep stairs and let people know, “Not anymore.



St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

The one place in England you won’t have to have a stiff upper lip is this Cathedral, where you’ll collapse on the time-honored stairway overcome by your bottled-up emotions. It’s too late to put on a restorative pot of tea, because you’re over. You simply can’t go on another moment and this is where you shall die.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York

This Catholic cathedral is a great place to unleash all your Catholic guilt at once. After enduring the crowded streets of New York City, you’ll feel perfectly ready to fall upon these steps and tell everyone, “I simply refuse to go on any longer. Maybe if someone had come to my aid sooner, but alas, I cannot.”


Collapsing on cathedral stairs is for the faint of heart. So if that’s you, give it a try!