Obsessed Much? This Mom Wants To Know If Her Daughter Is Alive

Everyone can be clingy from time to time, but Loretta Hingham takes it to the extreme: This obsessed mom constantly needs to know whether or not her daughter is alive!


“I call my daughter Joanne every few days,” said possessive loony Loretta. “I just like to make sure that she’s safe and happy. She’s my literal flesh and blood.”


The absolute stalker maniac went on to detail the other sketchy ways she keeps up surveillance on her daughter.


“We’re Facebook friends, so sometimes I just check to see if she’s posted anything that day so I don’t have to bother her,” said Loretta. “And we have a text thread going that we both regularly add to. It’s nice to hear from her so I don’t worry so much.”


Um, wow! Pretty creepy that you care so much about your only child’s well-being, Loretta!


For Loretta’s daughter, Kaitlyn, it’s all a bit too much.


“It’s honestly pretty upsetting,” said Kaitlyn. “I like her and all, but it’s getting a little stalker-y at this point. I want us to be okay, but I don’t know how to let her down easy.”


“She checks in on me non-stop,” Kaitlyn added. “Like, who is she, my mom?”


But Loretta doesn’t really see the issue with her creepy stalkery behavior that just won’t quit.



“I don’t think I’m different than any other mom,” she said. “I just want to make sure my child is alive and well, so I call her every so often. Does that make me obsessed?”


Sounding more like a serial killer every second, Loretta!