How to Play It Cool when Someone Makes You a ‘Close Friend’ on Instagram

Instagram has added a new feature where users can post stories that only a small hand-selected group called their “close friends” can view. Getting added to someone’s exclusive friend list is an honor to say the least, but that doesn’t mean you should make a big deal about it. Here’s how to play it cool when someone makes you their “close friend” on Instagram.



Know Your Worth

You may be feeling lots of things like shock, joy, or disbelief upon learning your friend made you their “close friend” on a pretty tired social media platform. It is common, when people find great success, for them to feel a sort of imposter syndrome. In this moment, it’s important that you know your worth and remember that you deserve to be in this group of her close friends. You are an incredible friend and it’s about time that your membership to this secret group to prove that!


Stay Quiet About It

Though you may be tempted to message your friend saying something sweet like “I am so freaking honored to be in this exclusive club”, you should refrain. It may seem like a nice gesture to acknowledge your newfound place as someone she expects to watch even more of her videos, but it’s not; it’s thirsty! So chill out, act worthy, and accept that this happened without having to make a big thing of it, even though it actually is a huge deal!



Zoom Out

Although this moment feels huge, remember that this is just one of many successes and joys you’ll experience over the course of your life. Maybe. This honestly could be the biggest thing that happens for you, which would be fine because this is a milestone you wouldn’t give up for the world. Congratulations on having no choice but to watch double the Instagram stories without choosing that!

Follow these tips to just breathe and not jump around in joy now that someone decided you were their “close friend”, which is probably somewhere in between friend and best friend. Who can say! And if you haven’t become a “close friend” yet, that sucks! Though your profile is probably a lot more peaceful!