How To Let Everyone Know You Love Fall More Than Courtney

You love fall. I mean, you REALLY love fall. You love the chunky sweaters, you love its seasonal latte selection, and you love it way more than that bitch Courtney does. Now get out there and make sure everyone knows exactly how much more you love fall than she does. Here’s how:


Instagram Photos Of Leaves.
Nothing screams, “I love fall more than Courtney” like a dense collection of leaf pics posted straight to Instagram. Don’t forget to filter the shit out of these bad boys to maximize the vibrant fall colors, the fresh autumn atmosphere, and the message that you love fall way more than fucking Courtney.


Always Wear Leggings.
Everyone knows that loving fall the most means never, ever taking off your leggings. Never. Wear your leggings 24/7 until well into the New Year and show the world not only how much more you love fall than Courtney, but how nice your butt looks through the deteriorating spandex.



Tweet Seasonal Quotes From Important People.
Important people such as dead poets and reality TV celebrities know all the right things to say about fall. Retweeting quotes from seasonal icons like Robert Frost or Kendall Jenner will not only up your Twitter game, it’ll instantly assert your dominance over Courtney, who doesn’t even read.


Eat Exclusively Pumpkin.
Change your diet to exclusively include pumpkin-flavored items, and put Courtney’s occasional indulgence to shame. Sure, Courtney’s infrequent pumpkin-flavored treat might not affect her bowel movements as violently as your pumpkin-only meal plan, but the world will finally know who loves fall more than Courtney. IT’S YOU. YOU DO.


Post Original Facebook Statuses About Autumn Every Hour On The Hour.
Not a second goes by you’re not loving fall more than Courtney, but how will everyone know it if you’re not reminding them on a consistent basis? Be sure to update your status every hour on the hour using key phrases like “autumn” or “apple picking” and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COURTNEY, GET YOUR OWN THING, OKAY!?