New Excuses for Not Riding the Elevator With Your Boss

Taking an elevator ride with your boss is a lot of pressure. Not only are you forced to make awkward small talk, but you also have to spend the entire ride figuring out how to talk about work. Avoid this embarrassing situation with these fresh new utterances to excuse yourself from taking that elevator ride with your superior, and you’ll be a short flight of stairs away from a promotion!


“What’s that, Mom? You’re in the what-spital?
Companies value employees who are family-oriented. Show your boss that you’re accountable to more than just your cats by pretending to receive a phone call from an ailing parent. She’ll be so busy admiring your crisis management skills that she won’t remember your mother’s been dead for years.


“Whoaaa, so like, I totally forgot what I’m even doing here! Dummy!!”
When you see your boss approaching the elevator, just giggle girlishly, shake your pretty hair, and drift back to your workstation. Your boss will see that your adorkability is exactly what keeps the accounting department fresh!


“Shouldn’t you be back at your desk?”
Before your boss has a chance to question what you’re doing, reverse the roles by playfully scolding her for leaving the office. Continue the ruse by shaking your finger and saying, “Are you leaving the office for a doctor’s appointment or a ‘doctor’s appointment?’” Cap things off with a knowing wink, and your boss will be so taken with your witty corporate commentary that she won’t notice you not getting in the elevator with her.



“Oh, hi Amand–cough-cough-cough-cough-cough–”
Start coughing non-stop in the middle of your greeting. Your boss will immediately recognize that you need to get some water—and out of that elevator—right away. This tactic works equally well when encountering anyone under any circumstances.


“Wow! You have got to try this elevator. I just took a ride and, well, you’re gonna love it.”
Pretend that you just got off the elevator yourself, and give your boss a few inside tips on what it was like before she steps in. An employee with unique expertise is one a company can’t afford to lose, and this excuse will help build your reputation as a wealth of elevator knowledge in no time.


“I’m about to have diarrhea.”
Blurting out these words is always an easy exit. If your boss dares to ask you if you need help, simply shout, “I’m having diarrhea right now!” before running away.


Show your boss you can think synergistically when coming up with ways to avoid her in the elevator, and your career — and social anxiety disorder — will be on the fast track to success!