How To Do Your Own Taxes Like a Boss! (Sarah’s Boss, Who Got Audited That Time)

Filing taxes yourself can be overwhelming, but you are a boss babe and with the various free or low-cost software programs there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be able to do your own taxes correctly. Or you could just do them so fraudulently that you get audited like your roommate Sarah’s boss who is in huge legal trouble. Here are some tips for doing your own taxes like the boss you are (you know, like Sarah’s boss who has been in an arduous 3-year legal battle with the IRS)!


Gather your Documents

The first thing you need to do is to gather all of the important forms you’ve received from your employers over the past few months. You’ll need your W2s, interest statements, school taxes, property taxes and any receipts for deductible expenses. You should receive your W2 from your employer by February 15th. Or, just claim that you ‘lost your mail key’ and assumed that you weren’t getting W2s and that taxes weren’t happening this year like Sarah’s boss did when she got audited that one time.


Use a Tax Preparation Program

Using these programs can be extremely helpful, because after asking for your income and deductions, they will help locate errors on your tax return. When filling out the prompts, it’s totally okay to round up or down or just put whatever you think looks right. They’re not gonna double check EVERY little thing you do down to the zero and cent, or at least that’s what Sarah’s boss said, who owes thousands in fines for lying. She’s a real boss-ass bitch!



Have Confidence

Aren’t you the same #bossbabe who don’t need no tax preparer to do your taxes? Remember how confident Sarah’s boss was when she decided to put millions into a hidden offshore account? Channel that blind confidence!


Know your Deadlines

The deadline to file is always April 15th. Or just don’t file your taxes and end up like Sarah’s boss who is probably going to jail!


Use these tips to do your own taxes like the boss you are (or like Sarah’s boss who is a felon now). Now just sit back and soak up what a super boss babe you are for filing your own damn taxes while definitely not thinking about Sarah’s boss who is losing her job, her home and her children in this tragic and life-changing scandal that could have easily been avoided if she had just reported her taxes honestly!