Here’s How Much Water You Should be Drinking When You’re a Mermaid Pretending to be Human

We’ve all heard that you should get eight glasses of water a day, but this isn’t the case if you’re a mermaid masquerading a human. Like, how much water should you be consuming now that you’re no longer surrounded by water? Follow these handy guidelines and you can navigate the human world as expertly as you navigate the sea!


Figure Out How Many Glasses You Need Based Off of Your Body Weight

There’s a simple formula that tells you how much water you need! Subtract your human weight from your mermaid weight, multiply the number by two, then divide the number by eight. This is how many glasses of water you should be drinking if you want to stay adequately hydrated without getting that slimy fish glow while trying to blend in with non-magical creatures. Easy peasy!


Know That You Don’t Get Enough Water from Foods

Human land-food is much different from the mer-cuisine you’re used to. Be sure to adjust your water intake according to your new dry environment. Sure, you don’t have to think much about hydration when you live underwater, but on land is a different story! Eat some fruits and veggies that are high in water, like cucumbers and apples.


Carry Water with You

Keep a water bottle on hand for the moments when you feel so dry you’re gasping the air like the fish out of water that you literally are. Going for a stroll with the handsome prince you’re trying to seduce? We recommend taking along a S’well bottle (available at the store humans call Target). It’s better to be safe than suffocate in oxygen!



Know That It’s Possible to Over Hydrate

While your mermaid body does need lots of fluids, it’s important not to overdo it. Too much water and you could turn back into a mermaid! Yikes! So no matter how good it sounds, don’t drink a tubful of water or sleep in your tub or crawl back into the ocean.


The bottom line is, drink when you’re thirsty, but no to so much that the humans discover your true form and harpoon you. Everything in moderation!