Get Glowing Skin By Drinking More Water to Flush Out This UTI

Want to make everyone envious of your dewy complexion? For glowing skin this summer, the number-one solution is drinking tons of water. Hydration is key to making your skin look and feel its best! Also, you must drink tons of water if you’re looking to flush out the bacteria that’s causing that raging UTI. Check out these tips to get glowing skin while also getting rid of that nasty tract infecsh!


Buy a Reusable Bottle

Pick up a new water bottle, like a funky glass one, or even a fancy S’well! It can make you feel excited to hydrate, and it will stop you from reaching for plastic ones that are bad for the earth and for your health! You know what else is bad for your health? That UTI you’ve got brewing downstairs. That shit burns. So fill that bottle up and gulp it down so you look like Karlie Kloss, but like if Karlie Kloss had an infected urethra.


Add a Lemon Wedge

Water can get boring fast, so make it exciting by adding in some natural flavors. Add a lemon wedge, a lime wedge or even some grapefruit and mint. It may make your water a little intense, but nothing is as intense as the kidney damage that might happen if you don’t immediately cure this UTI. Quench that thirst, look your best, and also make sure to cure that burning vag!


Check Your Urine

Your pee can be a good indicator of whether or not you’re sufficiently hydrated. If it’s clear, good for you, you’re drinking enough water! If your pee is yellow, get back to that clear tasteless drank. And if your urine is cloudy and smells bad, that means you have a serious UTI! Wow, water is so good for making your face look luminous and your pee less horrible!



Use these tricks to up your hydration game so that you look amaze this summer while also clearing up that persistent infection! Also, you should probably get antibiotics because UTIs are actually pretty dangerous if not treated with medicine! Now, go out there and get your glow on, girl!