I Got Glowing Skin With Nothing But Constant Praise

Everybody knows that fresh, glowy skin is always in style, but this look can be difficult to achieve for people with naturally dry or acne-prone skin. After many years of trying, I’ve finally figured out how to get glowing skin with nothing but constant praise, and so can you!


My new routine involves splashing cold water on my face, then taking selfies at all my best angles and several filters, and post. As my friends begin to agree with me in the comments, my summer skin gets brighter and brighter until it looks so bright strangers mistake me for the giggling sun from the Teletubbies, only with Blake Lively’s gorgeous face instead of that dumb baby’s.



Though I’ve only been trying this new skincare routine for the past week, I can already see results. I no longer need to use a luminizing face mask before bed, because the endless words of praise I receive creates a much more natural, satisfying glow. Even my eyes are brighter!


The tricky part is in maintaining this praise-based glow throughout the day. That’s why I find it helpful to solicit and few compliments from my closest friends. One or two comments like, “Oh my God, you look radiant!” will put the bronzy glimmer right back into my naturally dead possum-colored cheeks.


Who could have known that simply hearing, “I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you’re actually crushing your career right now!” could be more effective for my complexion than a $240 bottle of La Mer?


Not me – I never would have guessed that recognition could be so effective, but ever since I stumbled upon the hydrating power of ceaseless affirmation, I haven’t been able to stop seeking it.


While it may seem difficult to achieve near constant approval from strangers and friends alike, I promise it’s worthwhile for the youthful luminosity such an agenda can produce. My skin looks absolutely incredible since I’ve begun seeking nonstop compliments. Just yesterday my boss told me I was not only doing a great job, but also irreplaceable to the company, and her words created a natural, sun-kissed shimmer on my face that absolutely screamed, “I’m well respected and beloved by authority figures!”


Unlike what magazines tell you, fancy skincare regimens are totally unnecessary. All it took for me to achieve my vibrant skin was becoming the type of person with a quality and skills that other people value so much they can’t help but praise me for having them. Also I’m naturally beautiful, my personality is stunning and my skin is organically flawless and perfect. Look at me! Even I can’t stop praising myself!


I can finally throw away my acne creams and expensive products, and you can too. Because the most radiant, beautiful complexion comes not from makeup, but from receiving so much praise your skin soaks it up like fresh coconut water. Mm. You look beautiful! See? You’re well on your way to replenished skin.