5 Wines That Pair Well With Staring Out Over the Skyline Plotting the Downfall of Your Enemies

There’s nothing better than enjoying a great view while enjoying a nice glass of wine. In fact, there’s no better way to enjoy plotting the downfall of your greatest foes! So here are five wines that pair well with staring out over the skyline as you dream of sweet, sweet vengeance!


Novelty Hill Merlot, $23

This inexpensive red has a very pleasing aroma of ripe red and black cherries that are infused with just the right amount of spice. It’s the ideal sipping wine for when you’re perched on a balcony, looking out over the city, and thinking about how you’ll get back at that man who ghosted you, called you back, then re-ghosted you. This is a great wine to enjoy while staring at the horizon, plotting his certain demise. Delish!


Q Collection Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, $18

A medium-bodied pinot, this wine begins with a very pleasant aroma of black cherry, cola and earth, finishing with a bit of licorice and some nicely integrated black pepper notes. It pairs flawlessly with staring out over the skyline, as you serve up the coldest dish of revenge of that couple who would always come into the café you used to work and order two double shot oat milk cappuccinos, knowing damn well that oat milk doesn’t foam well, and then refuse to tip you because it wasn’t frothy enough. You shall bury them!


Moobuzz Chardonnay, $17

If you’re looking for something lighter, this chardonnay begins with a very pleasant aroma of pear, lemon, cream, and a touch of pineapple. Its vaguely fruity flavor pairs well with lying prone on a tall hill and gazing at the glittering horizon while contemplating how you’ll ruin the life of that girl in high school who always got the lead roles in the drama club plays over you because her dad was a cop and got the director out of a DUI once. Burn, wench!


19 Crimes Red Blend, $7

Enjoy this sweet dinner wine with an evening of looking out of a floor-to-ceiling window at the town below and silently scheming about how you’ll destroy the happiness of your childhood ex-best friend who invited you to her wedding but didn’t make you a bridesmaid but allowed that girl from her grad program who she’d only known for ONE YEAR to be her maid of honor, forcing you to spend the whole wedding holding back tears of jealousy and not even having the decency to get one picture of you two together. For that, she will pay!



Tendance Caladoc Rose, $14

Restrained in style, its flavor palette includes ginger and citrus notes accenting strawberry fruit. Its dryness pairs perfectly with reclining on a chaise lounge and gazing out over the silhouette of a sleeping city, plotting the annihilation of your college neighbor’s cat who scratched you that one time, drawing blood and resulting in a hefty emergency room bill because your roomie heard that 90% of all cat scratches get infected and turn septic within 24 hours so you went in and you had an exam the next day and were unable to study for it because you were having a full on panic attack at the hospital hoping you’d survive and you turned out fine but the whole ordeal was very stressful. Feline or not, Mr. Whiskers is going down!


Try any of these delicious wines next time you want a quality beverage to go along with the revenge plots you plan while looking out over the city skyline. You deserve it!