Friend At Dinner Seems To Be Performing For Someone?

Various accounts have confirmed that apparently 25-year-old Traci Hopkins seems to be performing for some unknown person at dinner? Nobody is exactly sure why.


Despite friends gathering for a casual hang at Umami Burger in Los Angeles, the conversation was quickly derailed by Traci’s decision to speak much louder than necessary while making forced jokes that didn’t really land with anyone at the table.


“It was so strange,” says a witness, Alexa. “I was like, who is she trying to impress here? The table next to us?”


Despite the at-best tepid response she was receiving from her friends, Traci repeatedly attempted to draw the attention of seemingly everyone else in the restaurant by making loud puns and singing show tunes. Reasons for her irrational behavior are still unknown.


“I wanted to just have a nice night with friends,” Claire tells us, “But she seemed more interested in being seen as ‘the funny one’ in the restaurant. Why? I don’t know.”


Though the friends never determined an exact focus of Traci’s attention, they did lob around some theories when she left to use the restroom.


“Is one of her ex-boyfriend’s here?” Alexa speculated. “Why else would she be so forceful in trying to convince us she’s having fun?”


“I think she’s trying to make our server laugh,” guessed Ruth. “That’s why she asked him his favorite color when he took our orders.”


Speculation was cut short due to Traci’s return from the bathroom, which consisted of her pretending to tap dance and twirl a cane.


The rest of the meal was finished in awkward silence even though Traci twice attempted to get everyone to sing “Closing Time” with her.


“I like Traci, but tonight she was acting like a high school theater kid going out to Steak n’ Shake after the show,” Alexa says.


After dinner, the three friends parted ways outside the restaurant. It was only then that, removed from the atmosphere of the restaurant, Traci seemed to calm down. She hugged them all and suggested they hit up the local farmers market that weekend.


“She was so chill after we left the restaurant,” Claire tells us. “I guess she sees Umami Burger as like, her stage.”