Uh-Oh! Krysta Seems To Actually Care Whether Her Team Wins Trivia Or Not

In an unfortunate turn of events, it is becoming more and more apparent that 27-year-old Krysta Jennings has a vested interest in whether her team wins at pub trivia tonight.


“I mostly just come to this to drink and chat with everybody,” says Krysta’s friend, Belle D’Amico. “Krysta seems to actually have like, a goal in mind for the night.”


According to sources, the evening started out fun, but tensions slowly started to rise as Krysta began to reveal her true feelings about the game after her team incorrectly guessed which athlete won the Heisman trophy twice in their career.


“I shouldn’t have let us say Reggie Bush,” Krysta said. “This was a preventable mistake.”


“Of course we were all like, ‘Oh well’,” says friend Payton Jones. “But it was clear that Krysta was actually getting upset. We were like, does she really care about this?”


Payton’s question was soon answered, as Krysta continued to make her disappointment in her trivia team completely apparent. She insisted on being the one to write the answers down, and was frequently seen scribbling out the team’s consensus and writing in her own.



“It was crazy,” says Belle. “I never realized winning a $50 credit for the bar meant so much to her.”


Despite her team slipping to third and then fourth place through the night, Krysta continually refused to “lighten up” or “try and just have some fun,” as her teammates repeatedly suggested. Her surprising competitiveness even extended to outright hostility.


“Krysta’s usually super nice,” said a newcomer to the group, Caleb Reese. “But at one point in the night she literally yelled at me because I jokingly said that Beetlejuice was one of the classic Universal Monsters.”


“This is why I hate when they bring new people,” said a fuming Krysta of the joke. “Like, does he think this is a game or something?”