Short Man Has Big Dick??

In a shocking story out of Brooklyn, New York, it has been confirmed 28-year-old Noah Cobbins does, despite his slightly below average height, have a big dick??


“He’s, like, maaaybe 5’8”, so I wasn’t expecting anything crazy below the belt,” says Tara O’Connell, the young woman Noah has been dating. “I guess I was wrong?”


Tara and friends are simply stunned that such a vertically-challenged man could possibly have such an enormous peen.


“I usually go for taller men, but he was super cute and really sweet,” she said. “So when we were about to hook up for the first time, and he pulled out a Magnum, I thought he was maybe flattering himself. He was not.”


Noah is flattered by the sudden influx of dick attention, even though he is well below six feet tall and doesn’t really put out that kind of energy into the world???


And yeah, I guess you could say I have an above-average sized dick,” Noah said, having literally no idea why we were asking. “Why do you ask?”



For Tara, she’s just excited to see where she and Noah’s relationship goes.


“Noah and I really get along,” she said. “I’d be happy to be dating him even if he was this height with a regular-sized dick.”


“But the fact that his dick is massive certainly doesn’t hurt.”


Sources are waiting to confirm the size of his feet compared his hands, and if any of these time-tested stereotypes hold true any longer.