Is Your Man Using the Right Dick Soap?

couple in bathroom

As women, we all know the importance of using that special vag soap blended for our pH needs. But what about your man’s member? Is it getting the gentle cleansing action it deserves? Men are socialized to believe that the soap they use on their love cannons doesn’t matter. But being a man’s man shouldn’t leave him with a dry and itchy fire hose. When your man is using soap that’s specially balanced for the needs of his toolkit, you’ll both have a lot to brag about! For example:


It’ll make him go soft—in a good way. As his woman, you spend most nights bouncing roughshod all over his poor, delicate boner. Yowch! Take the time to show him you appreciate how hard all that rough sex is on his member by picking up a specially-formulated dick soap that leaves wang skin moisturized, restored, and rejuvenated. And it’ll benefit you, too! When you’re catering to your knight in zero armor, you can feel the difference the right soap makes. Who says chivalry is dead? Certainly no princess who has experienced the difference of a quality dick soap.


Feeling good, looking great. Self-esteem comes from inside. When the python in his pants is clean and fragrant, his pride will bloom, your love will grow, and he’ll maybe even feel emotionally safe enough to ask you about your day once in a while.



It keeps penis bacteria at bay. Wow, that’s one clean cock! A proper dick soap will be gentle on skin but tough on germs, especially the germs that live on our guys’ private parts. When your hero discovers the right sausage lather for him, the results speak for themselves. And you can speak of them to all your friends: “My man’s goodies are 99.9% germ-free, thanks to the soap he uses for his dick!”


We know what you’re thinking: all this from a simple foaming pump soap? Actually, yes. Making this one small change can transform your man’s love bar from middle manager material to full-on CEO status—and that means you’ll both get a raise. Why struggle along with the same old bar soap that you’d use on your dog? This is your man’s joystick we’re talking about here. Don’t you want him to feel valued? Of course you do. Do you want to sabotage your own happiness by forcing peasant soap on his meat tube? No!


So what’s in your shower? Maybe it’s time for an “up” grade! And by that we mean “dick soap.”