How to Sneak Your Man Vitamins to Keep His Dick Strong

Keeping a balanced diet is a challenge for anyone. Even with plenty of fruit and leafy greens, it’s not easy to get all the nutrients you need for a strong, healthy dick. Multivitamins are a great way to supplement your diet, but most men are unwilling to change their lifestyle, or too proud to admit they could use the help. If your man is shaking his head “no” when it comes to healthy foods, here’s how you can sneak your man vitamins to keep his dick strong.


Blend It Into His Protein Shake

Your man keeps his body tight by drinking a protein shake before hitting the gym, but who will keep his dick tight? You will, by blending a nutrient-packed daily vitamin into his shake. The flavors of vanilla and whey protein will completely mask any taste of multivitamin. You could even sneak in a fish oil capsule to give him shiny pubes to match his ripped, swole dick. Do this every day and his dick will be strong enough to spot him at the gym!


Ball It Up in Some Cheese

Men HATE vitamins but love a good mild cheddar. So try inserting his daily vitamin into a hunk of cheese that’s small enough for him to swallow whole but big enough that he knows you love him. You can even soften the cheese in the microwave to let all that B12 and zinc slide down his throat and right into his dick with ease. He’ll happily gobble up this little snack, and have no idea you’re keeping his dick strong as a boulder, unmoved by man and time. That’s strong!
Put It On His Pillow Like a Hotel Mint

Here’s the thing: Men love hotels. So wake up at dawn and clean his whole apartment like a hotel maid. Replace his towels, hang his shirts, fold the end of his toilet paper in a triangle, then place the multivitamin on the edge of his pillow like a hotel mint. When he sees his room looking like a Marriott suite, he’ll instinctively toss back that magnesium-filled dick strengthener without a second thought. Keep this up and you’ll have access the tidiest room and most jacked dick in the county, maybe the world!



Put It In His Mouth While He’s Watching the Game, Then Stroke His Throat Till He Swallows

Trick him into ingesting something he’d rather not by sliding it into his mouth while he’s distracted by sport. Then stroke your hand in downward motions on his throat until he swallows that multi-vite that will make his dick shredded. Try this out next game day and you’ll soon have your hands on a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s quad-level strong dick!


Getting a man to take a vitamin is next to impossible, but it is necessary if you want him to maintain a dick so strong he has to put a Gentle Leader on it to go for a walk. Use these tricks and before you know it your man will have the hulking-little-muscle-dick of his and your dreams. Good luck!