Cheating Is Never Okay, Unless I Do It in Which Case We’re All Human

Cheating may seem like a salacious incident, worthy of gossip and laughter, but in the real world, cheating hurts people and families and sows mistrust in a relationship. Unless, of course, I’m the one did an oopsie because I was away and kind of drunk and someone just kind of hit on me so I went with it. In that case, it’s just a regrettable mistake that we all need to get over because people make mistakes. After all, look at us! We’re only human. Why can’t we embrace our mistakes?


When someone in a monogamous relationship betrays their partner by sleeping with or engaging in an emotional affair with someone else, it changes that relationship forever. How can two people establish trust after that? Still, when I cheated on my partner it was a one-time moment of weakness and should be treated as such. Anyway, no one is perfect. We’ve all gone astray in one way or another.


But if you tell someone you’re committed to them and then you go around behind their back with someone else, that is really the ultimate betrayal. A dealbreaker. End of story.


But if and when I cheat, it’s because I have a lot of stress and things are already on the rocks with the relationship and really who wouldn’t when they’re under that kind of pressure?


Look, we’re all flawed.



No one should have to face the fact that the person they love has lied to them, and has been untrue. But if it’s my partner they need to know that I’m only a weak mortal, who yes, occasionally succumbs to temptation. That’s only fair!


So, in conclusion, if you cheat on your partner, you are absolute trash. Unless you’re me, in which case, who among us has not sinned?