With One Instagram Like, Woman Conveys How Badly She Wants to Be Dribbled on Eric’s Dick Like a Basketball

In this current social media climate, making non-platonic feelings known can be a complex and confusing issue. But Jasmine McDonald, a 22-year-old barista living in Boston, is turning public thirst on its head: With just a simple Instagram like on his latest photo, she made it crystal clear that she enthusiastically wants to be dribbled like a basketball on Eric’s dick.

“I think Eric is really hot,” says Jasmine. “But more importantly, I’m trying to get my back blown out. That’s why I liked his photo.”

You might want to question how one elegant “like” would get Eric’s attention. Luckily Jasmine’s friend Annie is there to back her up with science.

“Eric’s profile is pretty bare… so the act of even finding it, let alone liking a picture implies that someone is ready to bounce on his dick,” Annie countered. “You know like really bounce.”

But Jasmine’s co-worker Reginald has a few qualms with her romantic plan of action. “I’m a straight dude on Instagram and I’m a little confused on how I would read that. My aunt likes every one of my posts immediately? So it’s not super clear…”

Pressed on whether he would feel the same way about an attractive female his age, liking something, versus his aunt, Reginald concedes, “Yeah she probably wants to hit it. I mean if it’s a photo of a dog or something maybe not, but a pic of me? She’s looking to get dribbled by my dick.”

Instagram can be the perfect place to show the scenic and heartwarming bits of your life, but Jasmine argues it can be the perfect way to put your “bits” on the metaphorical table.



“He’s beautiful, I’m single and flexible. Life on this earth is precious, so I can’t just rely on the fact that I followed him first,” Jasmine explains. “A like says, ‘let’s do this. I wanna get my shit cracked.’”

It’s certainly a sign of the times to see a woman this bold and upfront with her desire. May she be an inspiration to all women looking to be utilized like a basketball, sexually.