How to Wear Short Shorts with the Confidence of a Gay Man

shorts - reductress

Short shorts for men have taken off this summer – everywhere you turn, hot guys are rocking a three-inch inseam without a trace of feminine body shame. Let’s borrow some moves from our new friends for the best way to seem totally smooth in teeny shorts:


Strut Your Stuff
Gays in short shorts aren’t afraid to walk down the streets with shoulders back – heads held high and at an angle. As you step into a Daisy Duke, channel the sassy masculinity of open and honest communication skills, up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip, and topnotch emoji game.


Craft An Ensemble
Your short shorts aren’t just a tiny barrier between the world and your crotch – they are part of a larger creative masterwork. Even a simple bikini line-bearing khaki cuff tells a story when paired with a low-cut V-neck, canvas tote, and faux rosary. Who cares if you’ve got cellulite when your outfit’s so perfectly pressed!


Wax, or be Naturally Hairless
Short shorts just don’t match with caveman thighs. The hotties who wear short shorts never seem to have hairy legs. These taste-forward gay dudes know the image problem caused by a bunch of hair curling out from underneath a cute linen crop, so if you’ve got a problem, it’s time to hit up the man spa and get that waxed.



Rock the Bulge!
Men love bulges. Just like our male counterparts have grown totally comfortable with putting everything on display, you can show off your curves with a beachy knit short and let it all hang out.


Embrace Your Sexuality, Or Someone Else’s
Nothing says “confidence” like a man in hot pants. Imagine you’re the most handsome man at the juice bar, you just worked out, and you can feel all the eyes are on you. You’re wearing Lululemon yoga shorts, you hand a man your business card, then do some stretches combined with some flashy dance moves. You are the hottest gay man in the room.


Let us know how you work your short shorts this summer!