Easy Summer Dresses To Take Off

Summer is the perfect time for spontaneous disrobing – don’t let a difficult button fly or a pesky onesie keep you from baring it all when the need arises. In the dog days of summer, you’ll want a dress that’s easy to rip right off before your wild urge dissipates. So seize the day with these smart dresses that can come right off at a moment’s notice:


1. Snap-front Dress

If you want to be able to get from clothed to nude in a “snap,” then a snap-front dress, like this Cope Crepe dress from Urban Outfitters, is for you! Even the weak-armed can rip this dress open in one swift motion – just about the amount of time you’ve got once you decide to bare all at the club and show ’em what you got before you’re whisked away by security.




Tube2. Tube Dress

Nothing says “summer fun!” like tubes. Strap-free dresses, like this one from Eight Sixty, require almost no thought at all to get off. After a few heavy rounds of day-drinking, you’re both going to be wanting something you can pull off in either direction in that cramped taxicab backseat.








3. Deep V-Neck Dress

Looking to disrobe in a jiff? Then why not get a dress that has already done half the work for you! Some deep V-neck dresses are flirty, but this orange-camo number by Aqua Joker is downright obscene. Perfect for a barbecue! And with that generous slit down the front, a hearty tug is all you’ll need to finish the job after you “accidentally” fall in the pool!






4. Wrap Dress

Sometimes, you just have to go to a music festival. And sometimes at that music festival, you just have to try those shrooms your coworker’s friend brought. So when you get hoisted up to crowdsurf, don’t find yourself stuck in restrictive skinny jeans and a blouse. This baby bjorn-style sheath by the wrap queen herself, Diane von Furstenberg, will be easily removed by the strangers below you!



So don’t hold onto your dresses, girls! This is a romper-free zone!!