Flirty Summer Dresses that Say, “You Can See My Vagina!”

Summer Dress - Reductress

From cheerful prints to breezy fabrics, summer fashion is all about bold flirtation – so we put together this list of summer’s flirtiest dresses that say, “Yes, you can see my vagina!”


Men’s Shirt Dress
Guys agree, nothing is sexier than seeing a woman in your shirt the morning after a wild romp, so why not take it to the streets by wearing it as a dress with nothing underneath? The near nakedness of the look will say, “I’m fun and playful” and “Here’s my vagina!”


The Anything from American Apparel Dress
Want to show off your cooch in a way that’s hip and relevant? Buy anything from American Apparel – a dress, a headband, a sock – it really doesn’t matter. There is nothing that you will find in that store that doesn’t say, “You can see my vagina, whenever, wherever.”



The Lil’ Kim
Lil’ Kim pulled off that half-dress, half-pasty getup, and you can too! But instead of bearing your boobies, try bearing your beaver instead! Purchase a rhinestone merkin and a nude, fitted bodycon tunic and you’re ready to go! But don’t wear underwear because we still need to see your vagina.


The Empress Dress
Do it. Just leave your house naked. If you walk with confidence, no one will bat an eye. It’s summer, and nothing is flirtier than being completely naked on the subway, at the park, or getting froyo.


So get out there and frolic in frocks that say, “Yay! I have a vagina, and you’re gonna see it!”