Hot Summer Looks to Mask Your Failing Career

Spring Looks - Reductress

Still holding onto the belief that you’re upwardly mobile? Aw, honey. Since there’s no do-overs when it comes to your life, why not cover up that stagnant, failing career than with cute summer florals and sassy accessories? We’ve got the hottest summer looks to flaunt your dying creative drive!

Working in a dying industry? Get a Maxi Dress!

The longevity of your career in direct-mail marketing is looking iffy, but there’s NO longevity missing from this flowing, floor-length maxi dress! If your career is floundering, try a maxi skirt!

Could have tried harder? Rock Bold Geometric Prints.

You go girl, rock that neon chevron! An eye-catching geometric print dress says, “I know I should’ve done more internships, or aimed a little higher in college, but this is where I am, now notice my outfit and not me. I’m the boldest office manager you’ll ever have!’


Want to dissociate? Wear an Elegant Facemask.

You know how that woman in Game of Thrones wears that beautiful chainmail facemask? It’s because she sucks at her job and wants to be known for something else. Start a new trend while sparing yourself the horror of seeing your disimpassioned face in the mirror.

Totally incompetent? Try Huge Sunglasses.

Does your boss no longer even trust you with the keys to the supply closet? Make like Rachel Zoe and rock some huge do-not-disturb sunnies! No one at work will recognize you and you won’t be forced to elaborate on the future of your unsustainable position.

Failed at everything? Glitter!

If all else fails, throw on some shimmer, eye shadow, or shiny preteen t-shirts. There’s no better way to save yourself from the shame of your lackluster career than by pretending you weren’t even trying in the first place. Show your midriff and be as unprofessional as possible!
Remember: no matter how much you’ve failed, you can always dress for success!