Music Festival Outfits You Can Find in a Dumpster

Summer is just around the corner, and we can already smell the body odor! With over 40 music festivals to attend in the next two months, we’ve figured out a way to help you double down on Boho chic duds without breaking the bank. Here are seven super-hot trends you can easily make from garbage, like a true artist:


Old Mop/Fringe Purse


No self-respecting music lover can show up at a festival without some fringe. For a cheaper alternative to this baller bag, just go to your local Sbarro and ask if they have any old mops.



Dirty Sheet/Maxi Skirt


How can you be expected to float ethereally through the Lollapalooza crowd if you don’t have a maxi skirt? For a low cost alternative to this expensive frock, try borrowing some dirty sheets from a prison dumpster.



Street Couch/Floral Prints


You know what they say: an old woman’s death is a young woman’s pants. Turn a ghost’s road coach into chic floral print pants by simply ripping off the material with a rusty screwdriver and wrapping it on your legs.


Soiled Diaper/High Waisted Shorts


Having trouble finding affordable mutilated jean fabric to wear over your FUPA? Try fishing a soiled diaper out of a daycare trash. It’s already distressed and will give you that muddy Woodstock hippy look. Not only will you be sporting the most unique, vintage shorts at Lillith Fair, you’ll also be recycling!


Discarded Napkin/Handkerchief Halter


Handkerchief halters are great for airing out boob sweat when caught in a mosh pit between two frat guys exploring their sexuality. Can’t shell out the $500 for this designer version? No problem. Just use a napkin. You can find them literally anywhere.

Old Yarn Ball/Crochet Tank


If there’s one thing we know about knitting, it’s that the finished product looks almost exactly the same as the yarn ball it started with. Skip the markup by rummaging through one of those New Knitting Clubs for Young People’s trash. You’ll be the toast of the Pitchfork!

Dead Squirrel/Furry Hat


The fur hat with paw pockets it the must-have item for the festival circuit. So, how do you get one without defaulting on your mortgage? How about just going outside and peeling any number of free ones off the highway? Look out, Sasquatch!