Dress To Impress…Your Cubicle Walls!

You probably wish that your cubicle walls would be a little less drab. Well, guess what? They probably wish the same thing about you. While they can’t do anything about their lame, dull look, or their position in your office – you can! Don’t use these inanimate objects as an excuse for totally giving up on your appearance! Even they will notice.


By making your outfits and accessories as professionally cute at possible, you will brighten up your day and that of your cubicle, and you should also find new confidence and rapport with your cubicle walls. Sitting assertively in a vibrant skirt suit, entering data for the sixth straight hour, you might just hear a disembodied voice say, “You look good in teal. It really brightens your complexion. You deserve a promotion.” Wow, thanks cubicle walls! Maybe if you don that color-block blouse you thought was too fancy for the office, you might hear an authoritative whisper say, “That is very becoming on you!”



While dressing to impress your cubicle walls may not get you that promotion you want, dressing impressively can make work much less depressing -for you and everything around you.