How To Fix Your Sad With Color Paint On Face

woman crying

Sometimes you do not happy. But thankfully, makeup is color dusts and smears for front of head! Lots of ideas spring season. Why not we try on me, associate beauty editor, having very hard month?! Woman not need articulate words at therapist, just different face appearance! Makeup good makeup. You can pretty!


1. BB Cream Erase Clinical Depression

2 BB Cream 1
Frown GOODBYE! Do not here! Go under the smear! Paint almost skin color with moisture! Makeup. Pores smaller and frown can’t see very good no more! Good for all skin types.


2. No More Wedding Eyeballs

3 Wedding 2
Take very blue sparkle to eyeball to make no more bad cry when fiancé move to Thailand. Blend in crease for happy eye cat!!! Makeup makeup products. No more 5’8″ ha ha everything fine!!! Can still go work okay.


3. Cream Liner Lost Faith

4 Eyeliner 2
God dead? Smear black chemical goop on eyeballs! Makeup makeup. Makeup. You see now everything (is all lies)!


4. Mascara For Longest Eyehairs Medical Debt

5 Mascara 2
Make eyehairs blacker and thicker to stick out mountain of medical debt. Makeup makeup makeup. Only deductible is cute winks! Spleen is garbage.


5. Very Red Fix Mouth Dead Pet

6 Lipstick 4
Do not worry to where go her toys and bed, buy Revlon British Red! Is good for every skin!! Makeup products. Put on open mouth and watch mouth close smiled! Thank, CVS!



Sad fix now!!!! Associate beauty editor no need to take medical leave!!!!! Makeup makeup, please!!!!
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