Summer Looks Hot Enough To Make You Forget They Were Made by Child Slaves

Shorts - Reductress

Whip out those shorts and sandals ladies, cuz it’s time to hit the mall and stock up on stylish new pieces that are so flattering, you won’t spend a second thinking about how they were made by teeny tiny children under conditions that are basically slavery! These hot looks will make you feel as great as those kids would if they could remember what it felt like to be outdoors in the daytime:


Crop Tops with Full-Length Skirts

This flowy look will make you feel like a princess, and one thing princesses don’t do is worry about unregulated labor. Rock this trend and you’ll feel how you want to feel—like you’re going to a swanky party, instead feeling guilt over the children who have sacrificed their childhood joy for your haute look! All you need to see is how that bare midriff was made for your curves, and not by child slaves.


Torn Tees and Cutoffs

Before you take time to consider that the children working in these factories have given up any chance of an education to make your new t-shirt look old, just throw it on and take a look at your pretty little self. The fact that 20 percent of China’s workforce is children will just fly right out of that sexy brain of yours because your legs are looking almost too desirable! You’d be shocked at how well the mirror really absorbs civil rights issues!



Classy Rompers

It’s a whole outfit in one sleek garment. Focus on how it fits perfectly on your slim summer hips and not on how it must’ve taken those tiny hands hours to complete the difficult patterns. Just be excited that your fierceness can distract you from those dreams you keep having. You know, the ones where you’re drowning in an endless sea of child tears? Who wants to dwell on the negatives in life?? Who could that possibly help? Work it, girl!


90s Sneakers

You know what’s a pretty thought? You rockin’ those Spice Girls-era platforms again! The kids who made them in the 90s are probably adults now, so no sweat off your back. And if you’re rocking an updated version, focus on the bright pop of color these can add to your outfit. Just don’t let yourself remember that the buildings these children work in have no fire exits and could collapse at any second.


So go on, slip into some of these show-stopping, thought-stopping designs and forget all about how these small, innocent children break their backs so you don’t have to break the bank. These summer looks are sure to make a huge difference in your social life without putting a dent in your social conscience!