Cute Maxi Dresses for Your Maxi Pad

The maxi dress trend has been around for a while now, but you’re not the only one who can rock this sexy summer fashion. Maxi dresses are also perfect for your maxi pads! From pantyliners to sturdy overnight pads, these adorable maxi dresses will show off your maxi pad, no matter her shape:


The strapless maxi dress:

This effortless maxi dress works perfectly for a maxi pad that’s easygoing and doesn’t try too hard—like a pad without wings. Try this dress in a bold, summer color for a no-frills look that will make your pad feel confident from the boardroom to the dance floor.


The sexy, slit maxi dress:

Buyer beware—not every pad can pull off this hot look. The super sexy slit maxi dress works great for a slimmer pad like a pantyliner. Isn’t it about time you show off your pantyliner’s svelte figure? Make that tiny piece of pulled cotton and adhesive feel beautiful, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment before she’s coated in your blood.



The belted maxi dress:

The belted maxi is perfect for voluptuous overnight maxi pads that require a little more shaping. The cinch at the waist will give your maxi pad that hourglass figure your uterine lining loves. Try a long-sleeved belted maxi for an elegant evening look.


The tie-dye maxi dress:

The tie-dye maxi dress is perfect for your bohemian, reusable maxi pad. These freewheelin’ pads hate to be confined by anything form-fitting, so make sure you put her in a dress that’s comfy and loose as well as bright and colorful. Someone’s ready for Burning Man! It’s your period pad.


The halter max:

Good news! This is a maxi dress that can work for almost all pads. Even the hard-to-dress maxi pad with wings will feel like a star in this flattering dress. The halter draws the eyes up to the top of your pad to give her a long, lean shape.


You only get to see your maxi pads for a few days a month, so give them a fun makeover with these stunning dresses. They’ve worked hard for you over the years; now it’s time to make your maxi pads feel like one in a million!