Are Your Eye Floaters Whimsical Enough?

Admit it, ladies—you have eye floaters. Everyone has the clear amoeba-like things that dance about in your sightlines. But we all ask ourselves at some point—Are my eye floaters whimsical enough?


Eye floaters are obviously longing to be very whimsical indeed—probably a hybrid of a unicorn, stardust, and the embodiment of love. You may not be a manic pixie dream girl, but it is essential that your eye floaters are at least a little inspired and fanciful. Since eye floaters are only constrained by your own impression of them, try to cultivate eye floaters that are as free-spirited as you believe them to be.


First, take a look around until you can spot those eye floaters. How are they shaped? Do they look relatively straight, yet bubbly? That’s not great. Do they look like splats of paint? If so, let’s just say that’s a little cliché. Try drawing a picture of your eye floaters. Have you done it? Ha – trick question! They should defy rendering! You shouldn’t be able to draw them!



Now think about how your eye floaters are moving. Do they follow a set path? Floaters should bounce and dance unpredictably around your field of vision as though they are channeling a spirit greater than themselves.


Think whimsical thoughts and let your eyes just go crazy a little more. Roll your eyes when you’re exasperated and then maybe just because. Don’t look anyone in the eye; just pick an ear and focus on it intensely. Invite your eyes to dance.


Journal from the point of view of your eye floaters daily. Their vocabulary should grow like a wildflower in the spring. When will they be the unique, whimsical floaters they were meant to be? You’ll know it when you see them.