5 Organic Eye Creams That Will Drive Boys Wild 

There’s one area that often gets overlooked in the nightly beauty routine: the eyes. But don’t despair – crying will just make your peepers puffier – there are lots of soothing, organic products out there that will keep the area around your eyes even and moisturized, and of course also stop men in their tracks instantly. These organic eye creams and serums are guaranteed make men go absolutely CRAZY!


Botanics Organic Eye Cream, $13.49, Target

This eye cream keeps your eyes looking refreshed and hydrated, which will draw lovers to you like moths to flame. It does an amazing job of de-puffing eyes, which is a big win in any guy’s book! With your newly non-puffy, refreshed eye area, the boys will be all over you!


LilyAna Naturals Rosehip and Hibiscus Eye Cream, 17.99, Amazon

This scented, all-natural cream fights aging, and it comes in adorable vintage packaging that the men in your life are sure to notice and appreciate. Imagine: a man, already lured in by the all-encompassing moisture and even tone of your skin, spends a night at your place. How could he resist the sensual hibiscus scent as you delicately dab it upon your eye skin? We’ll leave the two of you alone!!


Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, $31, Sephora

This lotion is meant to make your general eye area look refreshed and energized to start your day, so you’ll look extra alert and receptive to all the attention you’ll be getting. Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, “milkshake” in this case meaning organic eye cream and yard referring to the smooth moisturized area surrounding your eyeballs!


Nourish Organic Eye Treatment, Avocado + Argan Oil, $17.49, Target

Did somebody say more guac? This treatment involves two things guys love: avocados and well-nourished eyes. Those men won’t know what hit ‘em!



Renew and Refresh Moisturizing Eye Serum, $5, Etsy

You might think we live in some kind of feminist utopia, but wake up and smell the serum; men hate it when we have dark circles under our eyes. This serum includes a ton of naturally soothing ingredients and works miracles on those pesky under-eye bags. It even includes targeted tetrapeptides, and we all know how boys feel about tetrapeptides ;)


Now that the small radius surrounding your eyes have been well lubricated, your only problem will be keeping all those boys away. Next step: figuring out which multi-vitamin is the biggest turn-on.