5 DIY Pinterest Hacks That Say, ‘Marriage Is A Patriarchal Institution, But Not For Me, I’m Cute About It’

Weddings are all about love between two people—okay, and also about opting into a centuries-old institution of systemic oppression integral to maintaining capitalism—and as such, should have your personal touch all over it. Just because marriage is the bedrock upon which our deeply sexist society is built doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a special day, because hey, yours is cute! Here are five DIY Pinterest hacks that turn the inherently patriarchal nature of marriage into someone totally adorable, because it’s YOU that’s doing it this time!


Paper Rose Bouquets in Mason Jars

Let’s get real on two fronts: Flowers are expensive AF, and everything looks better in a Mason jar. So strike a blow to the capitalist agenda while strengthening modes of oppression through every single one of your choices. Even though the life you’re choosing is deeply and inextricably rooted in gender inequality, celebrate with this cute money-saving hack! By making these (surprisingly simple!) paper roses, your wedding will be far more adorable than it will be ultimately oppressive.



Bridal Flower Crown

Okay, it feels a little cliché, but bear with us here. Only the people with normal, boring, non-DIY weddings are furthering the subservience of women and girls. Bring some natural, handmade beauty to your wedding with these gorgeous flower crowns—it’ll prove you’re way too nature-loving moon goddess to possibly be strengthening the patriarchy!


Sea Glass Centerpieces

Sea glass in a small vase gives each table an earthy, organic feel that suggests marriage is natural and not a social construct intended to suppress women. Order a bag of glass online or collect it yourself—Either way, you’re totally avoiding participating in the systemic disenfranchisement of an entire gender. And guests can take them home!!


Mint Julep Cupcakes Recipe

Move over, wedding cake, these mint julep cupcakes are a new wedding classic. And sure, even though marriage entraps us all in a spiral of oppression—this recipe is so good you’ll forget all about it entirely for one beautiful night!


Chalkboards with Your Favorite Quotes About Love on them

Write your favorite quotes about love on chalkboards and place them all over your reception for an intimate, personal feel. That way, you’re not just actively choosing to take part in an act that turns women into property—You’re making your special day personal.


With these five adorable DIY tips, your wedding will go from the alliance of two families to ensure the production of an heir to merely a celebration of love between two people. Mazel Tov!