5 Boomerangs That Say ‘Chelsey Made Us Do This 8 Times Before We Could Drink’

The Boomerang is the gold standard for Instagram content: Fun, engaging, and plenty of opportunity to paint an unrealistic depiction of your life! But it can take a bit of work to get the Boom just right, which is going to cut directly into your time drinking. Here are five Boomerangs that also say, “Chelsey made us do this eight times before we could drink.”


Cheersing Rosé

Nothing like a cheersing boomerang to usher in the summer! While this ‘gram has a casual, spur-of-the-moment feel, it was in fact meticulously curated by Chelsey. Our repeated cheersing for Chelsey’s content feed was totally worth bringing our organic fun to a dead screeching halt!


Cheersing Beer

The beer cheers: another classic. This short, looping video simply screams, “Wait can we try it one more time?” Actually, to be accurate, Chelsey was the one who screamed that, approximately half a dozen times, after we’d been waiting for drinks at this sceney rooftop bar for 45 minutes. Obviously we were all only there to get drunk, but cute!



Jumping in Place

Nothing like Chelsey’s tedious blocking and vague acting notes to ensure a fun time! But she showed up with full story boards, so none of you are getting out of this one. This adorable jumping Boomerang is mostly all about Chelsey saying, “It’s like a s.gif, haha!” as if any of her friends are interested in becoming .gifs. So funny!


A Cute Little Dance Move

Turns out Chelsey needs more takes than Lindsay Lohan in her “I’m very talented and on coke 99% of the time” phase c. 2007. But yeah, sure, let’s make sure Chelsey’s IG story gets some solid content in lieu of any of us enjoying each others’ company whatsoever. Do it for the ‘gram!


Cheersing Summery Cocktails

Oh man—Another classic. Make your followers jealous with Chelsey’s increasingly sharp voice nagging, “Um, it’s actually all about starting together and going apart. I’m going to count it out!” Moments before this, Lauren tried to take a sip of her Mojito in-between takes and Chelsey smacked her drink clean out of her paws!


Nothing like kicking back a drink with the girls in the summer after Chelsey has berated you for your inability to cheers to her wackadoo standards! Cheers, y’all!