8 Cute Pinterest DIY Projects You’ll Start

The season for winter crafts is just around the corner: Every season change is an opportunity to improve your quality of life by embarking on projects you’re not woman enough to execute. Save money on holiday shopping by crafting some adorable gifts that you’ll inevitably give up on halfway through. We’ve put together a list of the best Pinterest projects that you’ll definitely start!



DIY Desk Organizers

This deceptively simple project will really help pull your workspace together and add a pop of color to brighten your desk! Plus, this project really only calls for a few cups, paint, and a board. Three things, you can totally do this. It’s so easy that you may just buy the cups and just start throwing your shit in them.





Spooky Leaf Ghosts

Get into the Halloween spirit and make some these adorable, spooky ghosts out of leaves! The first step just calls for finding some leaves, so go outside where they are free. Collect as many as you trust yourself to paint. You’ll have to wait a day for two for them to dry out so that they’re easier to paint, or more likely to crumble until your roommate throws them out.





Closet Life Hack!

Here’s a great, two-step idea that will help keep your closet organized and your bras untangled! All you have to do is buy a few hooks, nails, and any additional coat hangers that you need. Next, all you’ll need to do is hammer—you do have a hammer, right? You lent it to your stepbrother? A year ago? Well, shit.




Pinterest Project Made By Other Pinterest Projects

Okay, well, since you still have those coat hangers and hooks, here’s a project that you can begin to make out of them! Oh, it’s a jewelry hanger. You have jewelry! So first you’ll need to drill a hole into your coat hanger, then you’ll probably need a nap, and after that all you’ll have to do is decide you’ll finish it next weekend.





Bring Color and Life Back to a Folding Chair!

Folding chairs are a great way to save space and money. They’ll wow your friends when they come over for that dinner party you’ve been thinking about having. This project will only call for two to twelve chairs, fabric, cardboard, spray paint, staple gun, scissors, and—gosh, that actually seems like a lot of work. How ‘bout you just go take a nap. Can you even finish that?





DIY Wooden Coasters

Here’s another idea that only requires three pieces of material: varnish, a brush, and a branch. You’ll want to bring the branch into your apartment before realize that it’s actually a four step plan because you need a saw. Your friend Sarah has a saw, I think. You’ll see her next weekend and can ask her about it then. Hopefully your roommate doesn’t start to wonder why you keep bringing branches and leaves into the house like some kind of human border collie.





Cupcakes in a Jar

Cupcakes in a jar are cute and easy to transport, making them a great present for your coworkers and friends. And face it—you already have like two dozen mason jars from other gifts people have made you from Pinterest. It’s like a snake eating its own tail; the cycle just continues. Start by making the cupcake batter and frosting. After that you’ll prepare them as normal cupcakes. Now all you have to do is stick them in a jar, unless you got high first. If that’s the case, enjoy your two-dozen cupcakes, you sad animal.


What won’t you make? Finished crafts. What will you make? A huge mess. Good luck finding a new roommate!