How To Make A Cute DIY Fork Chandelier That Would Be Terrifying If It Came Crashing Down

If you’re getting bored with your apartment decor, it might be time to spruce up the place by doing a fun and DIY project – like a gorgeous and eclectic chandelier made from antique forks! Here’s how to beat boredom by making a cute fork chandelier that would honestly be utterly terrifying if it came crashing down on you and your guests.

Collect a bunch of antique forks.

Pick some super adorable vintage forks from the thrift store. But make sure they’re dull because it would be tragic if this perfect but precarious DIY project plummeted down from the ceiling and busted up your whole body, right? You could take the risk with some pointy ass forks, but even the dull ones could really do some damage if you really think about it. Wow, that’s really terrifying!


Find a sturdy frame.

Use an old bicycle rim if you have one that’s not too heavy to add to the vintage appeal, but man, you don’t want that sucker coming loose and destroying everyone in its path. So try getting something that’s heavy enough to support the sharp weapons you are hanging for aesthetic, but not heavy enough that it rips right out of the ceiling. It’s like the cutest deadly liability ever!



Attach the forks around the rim.

You’re gonna want to lock these mofos down good otherwise you’re risking death by many tiny yet forceful puncture wounds. Drill a hole in the handle tip of each fork as well as the bicycle rim. Attach these two elements by securing a rivet. This should be good, but you can never be too careful. Throw some super glue on there as well. And maybe wrap some duct tape around the whole thing. You don’t want to be chilling with friends in the kitchen and have one renegade fork come loose and stab Cindy in the head sending her to the hospital. Not again!


Fasten the chandelier to the ceiling as if your life depends on it, because it does

Drill it into the ceiling. Drill it so good it brings the worth of your home down a bit. It’s going to look so cute and SO scary. You know when you’re cooking vegetables and you poke them with a fork to see if they’re done? Having this come loose from the ceiling and fall on you would be like that, but you’re the cooked carrots and the fork is actually a bunch of forks you put together to look like you’re a chill crafty gal. So seriously, make sure it’s in there real good.


There you go! Now you have a gorgeous new addition to your home that will make your guest go, “Oh, so cute!” or, “Do you mind if I stand more towards the other side of the room?”