Woman Hits Snooze 10,000 Times Instead of Just Setting Alarm For 35 Days Later

Instead of just setting her alarm for 35 days later, 26-year-old Jessie Cannizzaro made history by hitting her snooze button a record 10,000 times.


“I can be sort of an addict about the snooze button,” says Cannizzaro. “I just get such a rush waking up, hitting snooze and then falling back asleep. Falling asleep is my favorite feeling in the world so it’s fun to do it over and over again, even if the quality of sleep gets exponentially worse each time.”


This morning marked the ten-thousandth time Cannizzaro hit the snooze button, marking a total of 35 full days of oversleeping.


“If she knew she wanted to sleep for 35 days in a row ahead of time, why wouldn’t she just set an alarm for 7 a.m. next month?” asks friend Mallory Feuer. “What’s the point of spending 34 days delaying the act of waking up when you can just sleep for a month and wake up when you need to?”


“It’s not really about that,” says Cannizzaro. “It’s more about being hopeful I’ll wake up early, then leaving enough time for me to re-fall asleep thousands of times in five minute increments until a month has passed. Plus, the alternative is waking up on time and then scrolling through Facebook for like 35 days.”



“Again, I’d like to emphasize that I don’t understand,” says Feuer, who wakes up on time and in one swift motion unlike Cannizzaro, who breaks her morning up into thousands of miniature denials, each one leading her to burrow deeper and deeper into her comforter.


“I think of it as giving myself 35 extra days to accept the fact that I’m about to wake up,” says Cannizzaro. “Every time I hit the snooze button, it’s as if I’m saying, ‘No thank you,’ to being involved in the world.”


At the conclusion of the interview, Cannizzaro could be seen setting her alarm for five minutes from now, despite knowing she wouldn’t actually wake up until a full calendar year had passed.