Amazing! Woman Completes ‘30 Days of Yoga’ Challenge in Just 207 Days

Last week in a feat of incredible strength and dedication, 27-year-old Anna Caravilla completed a “30 Days of Yoga” challenge in just 207 days.


Way to take it one day at a time!


After signing up for a 30-day challenge at the yoga studio right next to her apartment building, Caravilla was energized to complete the challenge of 30 classes in 30 days. However, due to meetings, work events and being “just like really tired,” Caravilla completed just two classes in 30 days. Despite this setback, Caravilla perservere, pushed herself to the limit and ultimately managed to complete the thirty classes in just under seven months!


“I knew that I could do the 30-day challenge if I put my mind to it,” says Caravilla. “I am very proud of myself, because completing this goal in 207 days is better than not doing it at all.”


Not really, but you go, girl!


Friends of Caravilla have expressed confusion now that Caravilla is claiming to be a yogi.


“Anna just posted a photo with the hashtag #dailypractice,” says Erin Brodner, Caravilla’s friend. “She goes to the yoga studio at most once a week. Like, once a week isn’t bad, but she know that’s not daily right?”


Despite friends calling her out as fraudulent, Anna takes pride in her accomplishment of taking 30 yoga classes in just over half a year.


“To all the haters, I encourage you to get your sweat on to help balance your mood,” shares Caravilla. “Goodness knows all this dopamine has helped me out.”


This girl is serious fit-spo!


After speaking to the front desk staff at the yoga studio Anna claims to frequent, only one person recognized Caravilla.


“She barely takes class but she came in last week asking to pick up her goodie bag for completing the 30-day challenge,” says Will Haverford, the studio’s keyholder. “We had to tell her that challenge ended last spring.”



At the conclusion of this interview, Caravilla excused herself in order to “run to a yoga class.”


Caravilla shares, “After completing the challenge, I thought I’d challenge myself to a 60-day challenge, which I plan on completing by the end of 2021.”


Yes, bitch, get it!