Considerate Ex-Boyfriend Just Wants To Know How Your Sick Aunt Is At 3 a.m.

Your ex-boyfriend, who you routinely criticized for “only acting nice when you want to have sex,” has apparently turned a corner and gotten in touch with his nurturing side, texting you at 3 a.m. last night with some words of concern.


The thoughtful text read, “wut up, hows ur aunt?”


Your ex pulled out this selfless query in spite of the late hour and his eventual admission that he was “a little buzzed.”


Wow! Men can change!



Your ex went on to explain that he was just “thinking of you” and “hoping ur good” and is there for you if you need anything, which he then clarified to mean he was literally there in your neighborhood at that moment if you wanted him to come by.


You didn’t. But it’s nice to know that a man can be so considerate. We are all applauding your ex and his attentiveness to your needs.