Amber Testing the Limits of How Naked She Can Be in Front of You

It has recently become clear that your friend, Amber, is definitely testing the limits of how naked she can be in front of you.


Early reports of this story began months ago when Amber was changing her clothes and didn’t quite close the door all the way. It wasn’t a big deal, but you’re also not that close of friends, so you were not certain what was going on.


The events of this week have shed new light on the situation, however, as you and Amber have somehow ended up in a hotel room together for a couple of days. During that time, Amber has slowly progressed from leaving the door open to changing in the public space, but facing away from you. And moments ago she was seen by you walking around fully topless, and occasionally glimpsing into the mirror to check if you were looking.



When reached for comment, you had this to say:


“I, of course, support women and their bodies and do not feel general shame around nudity. On the other hand, I just feel like Amber’s nipples are staring at me and I don’t need that in my life while I’m trying to rest.”


Amber’s motivation for this act of nudity is unclear, but sources close to you, who are texting you about it right now, seem to think this is either a show of dominance or an aggressive show of body positivity. You think it is probably both, but feel weird either way, but also want to seem chill about it so as not to reinforce outdated standards of appropriateness.


This just in: Amber is no longer toeing the nudity line and is going full-bush in the small space that you now share without mentioning anything about it. She does not appear to be in search of any garments, but is apparently just gonna be like this now.


At print time, Amber had still not addressed her nudity, and it had been too long for you to bring it up.