How To Tell If It’s A Beauty Blender, Or One Of The Long Lost Dragon Eggs Of Legend

The Beauty Blender is the ultimate make-up go-to, providing flawless, even application for your primer, foundation, and concealer. But how do you know if the vibrant-colored product in your possession is a genuine Beauty Blender or one of the lost Dragon Eggs of legend, the existence of which has been long foretold through myth and song? Answer these questions to find out!


How did you get it?

The Beauty Blender can be purchased from specialty make-up retailers like Sephora, or from some big box stores like Target. A long-lost Dragon Egg, however, is usually found deep in a cave whose entrance has long been concealed by centuries’ worth of branches and rocks. Occasionally, a Dragon Egg may be gifted to you by an old woman who will silently compel you to take the egg and continue on your journey, yet when you look back you will find she has vanished. Any of these ringing a bell?


What happens when it gets wet?

Authentic Beauty Blenders expand as they absorb water, making the soft, marshmellow-y sponge feel just a bit stiffer. But unlike the highly absorbent Beauty Blender, a long-hidden Dragon Egg repels all water, and strangely remains perfectly dry to the touch. Important note! If you wet a Dragon Egg with warm water, the change in temperature might cause the mysterious ancient power inside to stir, causing the egg to tremble from within.


How does it feel on dry skin?

Genuine Beauty Blenders are ideal for dry, flaky skin because their soft surface doesn’t irritate as much as a brush or fingers. Meanwhile, a Dragon Egg will feel particularly rough on the skin, as its outer shell was magically fortified to protect it for millennia until “She Who Could Wield The Beast” was finally drawn to its presence.



What happens when it rests in a roaring, white-hot flame at precisely midnight on the eve of the summer solstice?

If you think you’ve got a Beauty Blender on your hands, you probably don’t want to try this – it will simply catch fire and melt. But a Dragon Egg of a long-ago era will spring to life, with fiery red cracks forming along its surface until it bursts open to reveal a majestic creature just as beautiful as all the whispered legends claimed it would be.


So what do you have, ladies—a sponge that’s magic for applying make-up, or an egg that’s actually real magic? Are you destined for flawless skin or to undertake a Quest that will challenge the very fabric of our reality? Either way, pretty cool right?