Beauty Secrets Are No Fun, Beauty Secrets Hurt Someone

If there’s one universal truth we all know, it’s that beauty secrets are no fun; beauty secrets hurt someone! So we’re going to tell you every beauty secret we know to get everything out in the open so no one is left out and has their feelings hurt. Because you shouldn’t keep secrets, except for the secret of what your face really looks like.


“There are no [beauty] secrets that time does not reveal.” -Jean Racine

That’s right: All secrets come out eventually. That’s why we cannot hold this in any longer: using black liner on your top lid and brown liner on the bottom creates a softer look for your eyes! Phew, now that’s a relief. You see? Imagine if this had come out years from now and you knew we had withheld it from you all along. You would feel so betrayed!


“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” -Henry Green

This is true of your character and also of your foundation, so here’s a truth bomb: Leave out some of your face by letting it go makeup-free when you only really need to apply foundation to your T-zone. This will highlight the part of your face you want people to notice, and having you know this will make us feel so much better to have gotten it off our chest. Because we never want to hurt your feelings by keeping things from you. Never.



“Three may keep a [beauty] secret if two of them are dead.” -Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin must’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars when he changed this line from their song a bit, but he still makes a good point. If you keep secrets, you will probably have to kill your friends or risk their heartbreak when all is revealed. That’s why beauty secrets hurt someone. So instead, try mixing a bit of foundation into your moisturizer to create a cheap alternative to the tinted moisturizers you’ll find in stores. You can share this with anyone. We’re trying to be as open as possible about it!


Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” -Andre Mairaux

Woman is what she hides, so hide as much as possible by using both foundation and concealer. The secret here is to dab on the concealer after you’ve coated yourself with the foundation. This will prevent you from wasting extra concealer. This simple beauty secret will keep you transparent inside and out! Wow, that’s been weighing on us for a really long time and it’s good to get it out.


Okay that was all of our secrets, now you tell us yours! Because beauty secrets are no fun, unless you tell everyone! But please don’t tell our friend Rachel we told you this! We promised we’d keep it a secret.