Woman Getting Pedicure Regrets Not Wearing Panties With Her Dress

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In an unfortunate turn of events, local woman Kyla Potter’s recent self-care day was sabotaged by a regretful lack of underwear.


“I didn’t think it was a big deal. The dress I was wearing went to my ankles, so I wasn’t too concerned about flashing anyone,” said Potter. “That was until I decided to get a pedicure.”


During her pedicure she noticed the nail technicians becoming more and more chatty while sharing frequent glances at her slightly parted knees.


“I thought nothing of it, until the woman who was washing my feet started avoiding eye contact,” Potter noted. “So far, she’s the only person to see my Brazilian.”


As the pedicurist moved on to buffing her callouses, Potter did her best to make herself more modest.


“I tried tucking my dress between my thighs, I tried using my purse as a barrier. It was hopeless.”


The embarrassment grew more palpable when Potter’s nail tech proceeded to give her the obligatory foot and calf massage.


“By that point, my pussy was on display to the whole room, and everyone was staring. I was humiliated. I guess I could have politely left the salon but the thing is, I really needed a pedicure.”



Potter stared into her phone for the remainder of her pedicure. She quickly exited afterward, being sure to give her nail technician a 100% tip.


“If I could do it all over again, I’d just throw a pair on and deal with the unsightly panty lines.” Potter said after the experience. “I don’t know; who am I kidding? I’ll probably do this again.”