Pro-Choice Woman Getting Kind of Flustered

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Ever since last month’s Supreme Court ruling, which granted companies the right to opt out of contraceptive coverage, Missouri woman Danielle Fisherman, a pro-choice advocate, has gotten kind of ruffled about the whole ordeal.


“They’re making birth control unavailable to women, even though it’s super legal and vasectomies and Viagra are still covered for men. I’m a bit bummed, for sure.”


Fisherman’s ire was somewhat piqued when she discovered that her employer had chosen to opt out of birth control coverage.


Since the incident at her OBGYN office, Fisherman remained a little down in the dumps. She was spotted literally kicking sand on her walk to work.



“I’m not mad, exactly. I’m just kind of frustrated. Forgive my language, but what the heck?! Not to be a ‘Debbie Downer,’ but this kind of sucks.”


Like many other pro-choice women, Fisherman is tuckered out by the underwhelming changes made to her employer’s health care and the Supreme Court’s inability to protect the rights of women to have control over their own bodies as well as the same basic rights as men.


“Maybe I’m being a wet blanket, but this just doesn’t seem fair. Maybe it’s just me, though.”