I’m an Introvert, But Boy Do I Like It In The Ass

I have always been an introvert. But despite popular belief, not all introverts cower in corners at parties and love reading books. Being an introvert means that I recharge best when I’m alone, and even though I’m a little quieter than others, boy do I really like taking it in my ass.


Introverts like me tend to prefer getting deep quickly than wasting our time with small talk. If we’re not getting to know each other, what’s the point? Sorry, I don’t care what you ate for lunch, I want to leave our conversation with a sense of who you are. Let me know the real you, and I guarantee I’ll share myself with you even though all you really have to know about me is holy shit do I love ass play.


Even though introverts get a bad rap, we are very observant which allows us to read situations well. While extroverts process their thoughts out loud, we like to process them fully before we speak. Sure, maybe that makes for more silences in conversations with me, but it means that when I do say something I’m more confident in what I want, which is usually to get dicked in the butt.


The misconception that introverts have boring sex couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone has their own sexual preference, and while some of my fellow introverts do like plain old missionary, that is not my mode of operation. Sometimes, still waters run deep. I like making out, oral sex and then boy can I get down with some sweet deep asshole penetraysh.



For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me. I wondered how I could be an introvert and still like peens venturing into my shithole. But then, I remembered how infuriating it is when guys assume I’m shy in bed because I’m quieter than other girls. To all the men who judged me, I’m here to debunk the myth that introverts don’t like dirty stuff. Next time you’re in bed with me, put your thang in my poop place. I’ll love it!


Just because I like getting my butt done real good doesn’t mean all introverts do. All I’m saying is we’re individual people with particular preferences, so don’t assume we’re similar in bed. To each his own, which for me is having someone do my big butt with a dicky!