I Need a Little Dick in My Life, and to be Clear I’m Talking Quantity-Wise

There’s nothing wrong with craving some good ol’ fashioned wang. It’s a natural urge and, let’s face it, having sex can be so much fun! With the stress of work, maintaining a social life, exercising, and eating well, it’s crucial to make some time to chill. And my favorite way to relax is undoubtedly with a little dick. But like, I mean little in terms of amount. I just want to be transparent about that. I’m talking about strictly quantity when I talk about all the dick I’m going to need.


I’m definitely not looking for a boyfriend. I’m a whole person by myself with interests and hobbies and a fulfilling social life, so I’m not desperate to be loved by some guy. But single girls have needs too! Right now, my needs are a little dick. And when I say a little dick, I’m speaking purely in respect to how much dick I’ll be getting and not to the physical dimensions of the actual dick.


I really don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about what I’m looking for.


Being a woman in this day and age means taking control of your life, including your sex life. It makes me feel empowered to pursue a casual sexual relationship with someone. Whether I am on a dating app, texting an old flame, or picking someone up at a bar, I feel liberated by putting myself out there and announcing to the world: “I just need a little dick!”. Of course, I’ll have to make sure that all the hot dudes who swing their dongs in my direction know that I am saying “a little dick” to indicate that I don’t need very many dicks. My statement does not have anything to do with the proportions of the dick that I am seeking out. I hope this is making sense because I really don’t want to cause any confusion there!



When it comes down to it, I’m just trying grab a couple of drinks with a hot guy and then head back to my place to get a little dick. And to be unequivocally explicit about this: when I say I want a little dick, I am referring specifically to the fact that I only need enough dick to satisfy this particular craving and am absolutely not describing the ideal measurements of the dick that I’m pursuing.


Average or above will do it for me.


Girth counts, too.


No small dicks, please!