I’m Actually Mixed: Half-Gemini, Half-Taurus

People assume a lot of things about my identity. Because of the way I look and how I act, people just immediately think they know my whole deal. I don’t wanna correct them and come off as rude, but no matter what they think I am, they have no idea that I’m actually mixed: I’m half-Gemini and half-Taurus.


Of course, both sides are important and have made me the woman I am today. However, it can be difficult to feel like I fit in with either sign. My Gemini half makes me adjustable, sociable, and a little unreliable, while my Taurus half makes me steady, independent, and very dependable. So sometimes, people consider me too Gemini for Tauruses and too Taurus for Geminis. But I refuse to alienate part of my self to make it simpler for outsiders to categorize me for their own comfort.


Also, my Taurus stubbornness is absolutely not going to change for anyone else. Get real.


Finding a balance between both halves of my identity is complex – it’s really all about which particular energy is dominant at the moment. But since my Gemini energy makes me all but incapable of making a decision, my Taurus energy just has to go with the flow sometimes. And believe me when I say that, although my Taurus energy is patient, it is also super lazy and truly does not want to. I’m sick and tired of explaining this to people all the time!



Being half-Gemini and half-Taurus, I have diverse perspectives that have shaped my personality and the way I interact with the world. But because I pass as a Taurus, I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty offensive rhetoric about Geminis. There are quite a few foul, demeaning stereotypes about Geminis out there, and sometimes new people in my life try to make Geminis the butt of a joke around me, assuming I’ll join in and not realizing that they’re actually insulting me in the process. It’s frustrating, it’s wrong, and the Gemini in me would unleash fucking chaos on their whole pathetic lives if not for my mellowing Taurus traits.


Living with a mixed astrological identity can be tricky to navigate. And although I may have a different experience than many others, that doesn’t make me any less worthy of a person: I did not choose to be born on a cusp. But the characteristics I pick up from both my Taurus and Gemini star signs make me feel whole and well-rounded, even when I feel both anxious and patient, introverted and extroverted, messy and organized, ambitious and lackadaisical, superficial and even more superficial, possessive and free, all at the same time! It really works for me!! Hahahaha fuck!!!