Tricks to Getting Dressed, Because We Know It Can Be Hard These Days

Getting dressed for the day is something we all have to do. But when the world is going to Hell, it can feel like an impossible task. Who can easily decide on what shirt to wear with those pants when the last male northern white rhino just died and there are literal children all around the country marching for their live? Here are some tricks on how to get dressed, cause we get it – it’s been hard.


Open a window and maybe look outside.

Knowing the weather will give you a better idea of how to dress yourself. Is it a scarf and hat day or a sweater and a light jacket day?! Knowing if it’s hot or cold will give you a little peace of mind. You can even check the weather on your phone! Just be careful: When you check the weather online, do not accidentally glance at the news. If you do, putting on clothes is going to be hard.


Find a shirt and some pants in your closet.

Being able to clearly see all of your clothes in your closet will make it easier for you to find your favorite pieces and pick out what to wear, or maybe just any shirt and any pair of pants, just so you don’t leave the house unclothed. It’s also important to keep your closet organized in case you suddenly have to escape a nuclear holocaust, or if you have to hide in there while our coutry goes to war with China. Honestly, anything could happen – just make sure you do it with pants and a shirt on.



Make sure to wear a pair of shoes.

Shoes can be the hardest part of this whole beleaguered process, so try having a cute, neutral pair that’ll go with absolutely everything. Make sure they have a lot of support so you can march for your basic rights in them, but ensure that you can run in them, too – you’re definitely gonna need that. Maybe those shoes can be sneakers? Sneakers should work.


We know it can be hard getting dressed these days, when all you wanna do is hop back in bed, pull the covers over your head, and never leave. But hopefully these tricks help you through the daunting task of getting dressed in the morning! And remember: You can just stay in bed!