Please Just Be Honest With Me And Tell Me Exactly What I Want to Hear

Everyone knows that honesty is the most important part of a healthy relationship. So I am sincerely asking you, here and now, to please be honest with me and just tell me exactly what I want to hear.


Please, I’m begging you ­­–– just tell me what I already believe.


I’m not going to be mad at you, I swear. I really just want to get to the bottom of this. Whether I’m asking you how an item of clothing looks on me, how you feel about my parents, or if you’ve cheated, I want you to tell me the full truth and for that full truth to line up with my expectations exactly. Just spit it out!


Remember: This is about us building a safe space and a strong foundation for our future together. Why get caught up in a complicated web of lies? One lie leads to the next and the fact is, I’ll eventually discover what I believe to be true. So just tell me now so I don’t have to hear it from a friend or a family member. This is just how relationships work!



I can take it as long as it is exactly the words I was hoping for and nothing else.


But please don’t just say what you think I want to hear. I’m sooooo sick of that. I’m an adult and can handle an adult conversation. The only thing I want to hear is 100% honesty in the form of a sentence that will please my heart and confirm my thoughts. That’s it.


If you really cared about me, wouldn’t you be honest in a way that validates me so I don’t have to deal with any feelings I don’t want to have? It’s not that hard! What a great way to prove to me that I’m important to you!


Let me be clear—this is a two-way street! I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I will answer any question you ask me with full and complete honesty, unless it doesn’t reflect well on me. Because I care about you.


I’m only asking this one thing. So go ahead. Tell me my truth. Please!