4 Hats that Say, ‘I Thought I Could Handle a Lob and I Was Wrong’

Well, you did it. You cut off your long hair to get the flirty, carefree look of the summer: the lob. But, like most people, you weren’t 100% aware of the upkeep that accompanies this seemingly simple look and you honestly aren’t equipped to deal with it now that you have it. Here are four hats that will let everyone know that you really tried, but you just can’t handle this lob.


Baseball Cap

This is a great, classic option since you don’t have the time to blow dry your hair every day like the lob requires. You thought since your hair was shorter, air-drying would be okay, but you were so, so wrong. Cover that shit up with a baseball cap for a trendy way to hide your silly hair mistake. The lob is so much harder than it looks!



A snug, edgy stocking cap is the perfect thing for hiding those super oily roots that unexpectedly resulted from “simplifying” your look. Now that you’ve realized you don’t have the proper products or enough energy to keep your hair fresh, it’s time to just cover that mistake with a beanie and wait the 6-8 months for your hair to grow back. You really should have googled this haircut before you just went out and got it!



Cowboy Hat

No one told you that when your hair is straight and you get a lob that the ends poof out at the bottom and the top is really flat! Who has the physical or emotional stamina to straighten hair every day and then curl it for casual waves? Certainly not you, but you went ahead and did it anyway, didn’t you? The cowboy hat is a bold way to make a statement, while covering up the statement that doesn’t work.


Newsboy Cap

Extra, extra read all about it! Lobs are haircuts that trick you into thinking it’s all going to be easy and then make you look like a mess! On those days when all of the other options don’t work because boy, did you mess up, a newsboy cap is perfect for stuffing your hair under and looking like you’re going for something. Sure, a few stray pieces will fall out, but you make your own choices in this world, and the last one you made about your physical appearance was just really wrong.


Buy one, a few, or heck, all four – because hair only grows about a quarter of an inch a month and you are undeniably insufficiently able to deal with it! Better luck next time!